Just a heads up, this post is more like “A Month in My Life” than “A Day in My Life”. Our beautiful, spiritual month of fasting (Ramadhaan) is here. It is the month where Muslims all over the world fast from sunrise to sunset. It also meeeeaaannnnnnsssss we make yummy snacks and sweets 🙂 to break our fast with. It is the Prophetic example to break our fast with a date/s first.     

datesEveryday the million dollar question is asked ‘what should we make for iftaar (breaking fast)?.’ This is when we attack Pinterest and Google, looking at so many mouthwatering snacks and sweets. When you fast, everything looks so yummy and delicious! But as soon as we break our fast, the first few bites are sufficient and stomach filling, this is because during Ramadhaan our stomach shrinks.

It is truly a spiritual time for each individual both outside and inside the kitchen *wink wink*.  

potato and chicken mince ballsPotato and chicken mince balls. Can you see the coriander and bay leaves peeking out from under the layers of potato, it’s really divine. This was actually made with leftovers, we had made piroshki, of which I couldn’t take a picture as we always seem to run out of time and before you know it, its time to break your fast. Okey, back to the piroshki, we had an abundance of the filling left so we turned them into mince balls. Yum right?!?!

Today is our third fast and we held an iftaar night at the Mosque. It’s when we cook snacks and food for lots of people who then break their fast at the Mosque. Some of the items that were cooked are,

Halwa, a type of dessert that is made with semolina


we made bhajiya or also known as pakora, it’s a savoury made with pea flour

bhajiya, pakorabhajiya, pakora

That is it for today 🙂 hope you enjoyed my rant and banter…..