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Author: Umm Zakariyya

Shawerma – Homemade Style

Ever eaten street food? Those sweet or spicy thingys that just happen to be best eaten on the streets. You know what i’m talking about, right? Those delicious food that have been coated in car fumes and you end up gobbling it anyway. Well one of those delicious food thingys happen to be called a Shawerma. A sandwich of some sort that is sold on the streets of Saudi. Now the Shawrma’s meat is what makes it so special. Its meat is supposed to be put on a spit and grilled for a whole day! Now most people don’t...

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Banana Banoffee Layered Pie

One recipe that has been asked for, so many times from my mum is this delicious banana banoffee layered pie. I can truly say I can make this blindfolded! I knew how to make it when I was only 12, as it was an still is my uncles favourite dessert -though he eats less now, being all health conscious now-. This picture should give you a delicious detailed description of this pie. It is fairly simple to make, easy to assemble an can be made ahead by 2 days in an air tight container. I just made this for...

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Date Filled Ma’moul

Ma’moul brings back fond memories for some people, some of which are none other than my husband and dad’s. Stirring up memories of hot sweaty weather, exams, classes, sitting under palm trees in an attempt to cool off while munching on tasty date biscuits -ma’moul-. They (my hubby an dad) both attended uni at Saudi Arabia, at different times of course! My dad being there longer than my hubby. He stayed and studied there for 18 years. In the process learning their language, culture and the best part food! Well I guess my mum learn’t most of the food...

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Polony Fried Rice

This is perfect for when your are in a rush, maybe I should rename this dish  to ‘perfect polony fried rice’. Its easy, its yummy and I guess it would fit the bill of being cheap! I used frozen veggies for obvious reasons – ‘time waits for no man’ – but if you do have time on hand then I would definitely recommend fresh veggies – fresh is best -. I used lamb polony, beef polony can also be used. Polony is not used that often in households anymore, it use to be quite popular back in the good...

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15 Minute Egg and Noodles

Only have 15 to 20 minutes on hand to whip up something for lunch or dinner. Then this bowl dish here is your new best friend, I say best friend cause its mine when I’m in a hurry or when I feel  l a z y. Now don’t we all need a friend like that sometimes? You can easily double the recipe or triple it or quadruple it, you get the point right?!?! This is something my mum use to make for us kiddos šŸ™‚ I have only ever made and tasted this with the ‘Indomie Mi Goreng’ noodles....

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