My first post on a day in my life, yaaaay. It won’t be a regular post, but when something interesting (that obviously involves cooking slash baking or simply just food) I will try my utmost to post a post. We did a surprise brunch for my mum and dad 2 days ago, no special occasion other than the ‘you’re the best mum and dad we could ever have celebration’.
BrunchMy sister, Huda and I had been planning this for a few days now, she also went all out and got them each a mug. The mugs have ‘Super Awesome Mum’ and ‘the greatest DAD in the world’ written on them.  SO in order to prepare this surprise brunch a sleepover was needed. I tried the yeast waffle recipe this time

waffleswhich has a story of its own. Yeast waffle mixtures require one hour or overnight rising. The mixture was placed in a ever so right size bowl with not much space for rising, only maybe an inch was left for it to rise. So there were two bowls in the fridge, one dairy-free and the other not. I had gone to sleep, when I heard Huda yelling my name and saying ‘Come and look at you’ve done!’. Bewildered I said ‘What have I done’. My mind was totally racing through the things I could have done when she opened the fridge door and there was this blobby gooey mess, dripping down onto the other shelves in the fridge.  It wasn’t only coming out of one bowl but TWO, it was like this huge bubble growing and oozing goo all over the place! Well that’s the waffle story.

orange juice 2Huda’s very ‘fibered drink’.

Egg CaseroleEgg & sausage casserolecreamy cilantro chickenCreamy cilantro chicken served with char-grilled tomatoes and salad.

churrosChoc-chip muffins and churros.

cake & egg caseroleThat’s the casserole and cake (the only store bought thing 😉 ).

When we cook its like a mini little hurricane sweeps the kitchen….

 My mum was super surprised and enjoyed every bite minus the part where she was complaining about not telling her as then she wouldn’t have eaten too much breakfast!